Что купить для Huawei P9 Lite (2016)

Often the release of the smartphone with the prefix Lite in the title means a sharp cutting characteristics and the appearance on the market of cheap analog flagship, but with little interest specifications.

In the case of Huawei, the situation is often different: Huawei P9 Lite, the younger "brother" of the flagship 2016 Huawei P9, received a slightly smaller size, adequate technology, has kept the fingerprint scanner and all corporate functions. There is no dual rear camera and a surplus of bonus materials — just what you need for most users. The market offers a variety of interesting accessories which we will discuss today.

To protect the display task is relatively simple and is based on two main principles. First — careful handling with a smartphone. The second is to proactively protect the screen from potential damage with the hardened glass, which are presented in several variations. For example, a simple protector of transparent mineral glass for him, which leaves open only the earpiece, front camera and proximity sensor. Glass completely covers the screen P9 Lite and maintains a pleasant tactile sensation when you swipe your finger from the edge of the smartphone.

"Native" glass Lite Huawei P9 has a relative resistance to light scratches while reliably manufacturer of glass unknown. From the first day of smartphone usage we recommend you to stick on top of the additional screen protector that will take the punch and be the first line of defense when dealing with hard or metal objects. Especially true for those owners who put the smartphone in a bag with other things or in a pocket with keys or coins.

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