Хорошее резюме. Как его составить?

When performance and stability you have in your pocket, about the suffering on his resume even not want to remember. Summary a great way to look at ourselves in new ways.

A good resume can:

To tell about you as the successful professional

A good summary is the story. The story of a man who goes to his goal, or a history of messy search. The history of undervalued professional or hurt the story at all Amateur. To find out what story is your resume, show it to a friend, relative or colleague.

Set new goals

Work on summary — analysis of his career. Approach it consciously and in a good mood. Even if there is nothing interesting in the experience, just honestly and calmly describe it. And then think about what you would like to add: this is the direction for your development and future work.

To recall past achievements

Over 30 years working experience there are so many events and in your personal life and in your career — remember that all difficult. Each new project, each new area of responsibility will be forgotten in a year, if they do not record. Prepare a decent resume and look into it every few months: you will find something new to write about.

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